About Icebergify

Icebergify is an open source tool that creates an "iceberg" style chart of your favorite artists on Spotify. Special thanks to Ajay (ajayraj.co) for contributions!

Why are some levels of the iceberg blank? 
If one of the iceberg levels was blank for you, then you don't consistently listen to any artists in that level of popularity or obscurity. Your iceberg levels are not relative to just you, so if you want to fill up your iceberg, try discovering some new artists!

How are the iceberg levels determined?
Icebergify uses "popularity" rankings calculated with accessible Spotify data. Streams, shares, saves, likes, and followers, among other factors, are taken into account.

But I don't even listen to artist! Why are they on my iceberg?
Icebergify uses data collected by Spotify about your top 50 artists in the short term (~one month), medium term (~half year), and long term (several years). If you're surprised that a certain artist made your iceberg, it may be an someone you listened to a long time ago, or there may not be too many artists you've listened to more than them.

How to save my iceberg?
On a laptop/PC, right click your iceberg and save the image. On a mobile device, hold down on the iceberg image to save or share it (or screenshot!). 

My iceberg isn't working.
Icebergify is adapting to our increased traffic. If you've already logged in, try to keep refreshing the site until the iceberg shows up. If that doesn't work, try clearing your cookies and site data for icebergify.com, or try a different device.